A new year offers the chance to renew the self–to discover, to develop, to evolve. Are you taking advantage of your brain? Your body? The soul that wants to spread and become a butterfly? It is never too late. And I undoubtedly believe that IT IS NEVER TOO LATE  to LIVE as you want with every red blood cell that travels through my totally hot but sometimes tired body. Yes, I just called myself hot. I am allowed to love myself and my body, I encourage you to do the same.

Do you remember how the circulatory system works? (Yes? No? Did you day dream about the boy you had a crush on all through your biology classes like I once did? Just me? I basically had to reteach myself almost everything I had ever learned in high school to become a qualified general ed teacher. Total time bust. See youth? If you take advantage of your time now and keep your head in the books you wouldn’t have to reteach yourself everything later.)  Anywho…

Our bodies have a well-organized system going on that works almost perfectly if you are treating it right. Sometimes it runs perfectly well even when we are treating our bodies like we hate it (aka taking a whole bottle of gin to the head). Be GRATEFUL.  So the blood is our body’s transportation system. Everything from oxygen to hormones is transported around the body, and even the things we don’t need like waste products are carried out for disposal. In order for blood to do its job, it needs to be pumped around, and that is the primary purpose of the HEART. Duh right?

So now I’m asking you. While our arteries carry the oxygen-rich blood, and your heart is pumping away making sure you are staying alive to experience life on this EARTH, what are you doing to develop? To evolve? To become the best version of yourself? Your heart is pumping. Your heart is working day and night, waiting for you to show it to the world. But guess what, just like our bodies our mind and life need a well-organized system to live by. That’s where resolutions, bucket list, monthly list, daily goals, whatever you choose to tackle come in to help. Don’t knock it until you take it serious. MAKE YOUR LIST to help keep things in tact so that we can one day sit back and actually be satisfied with the life that we have and have been living, even if it is just for a day. Don’t be afraid to make a list. Don’t be afraid of failure. You aren’t perfect. We are humans. We forget, we mess up, we get hurt, we move on. Then we try to do better the next time around. It is a beautiful circulatory system.

Is there a mountain you want to climb? Write it down. Arrange a time and place. and DO IT. JUST DO IT.

Our heart wants us to do it. Our heart wants us to live. Healthily of course, but LIVE BOLDLY nonetheless. Our heart wants to put its name out in the world and declare that it was here, making a difference.

The word for this year is ‘process’. The changing self is always a work in process, so consider that your only resolution is simply to be “WILLING to do the WORK”, as your heart is. 

Beyond Price: Your living heart. The new year. Getting another chance to make it better.