Beezus and Ramona The Movie

A child’s 5th birthday is… endearing. They are amazed by everyone wishing them a very happy birthday. They are aware that they are now 5 and that 5 is more than 4, therefore they are big kids who get to go to big kid schools and do more big kid things. They are ecstatic about their very own cake, all the cute little gift bags, the candy, the laughter, the dancing, the playground, but most of all they are excited about the people that are with them celebrating this very special day. They don’t torment themselves with petty details like who did or did not make it to the party, who bought the most expensive gift, who bought the cutest dress, who is the coolest person to hang around with. They just live to enjoy the day for exactly what it is.

They believe that life still reveals magnificence in the simplest and tiniest things, in a flower, in a balloon, in the sky, in the stars, in the sprinkles on their cake. They don’t lose sight of what becomes something they love with all their heart. It doesn’t matter how small or great the gestures is, how small or big the gift is, how short or tall people are, they just take notice that eternal beauty passes justly through the whole world. 

But the most admirable trait of a child is that they live in a state without expectations and suspicion. Oh how I long to be like this again. In childhood there is time for every development, quietness for every voice, and space for all of life and all of its values and things.

This is what it means to be young: hopefulness and love in the most beautiful surprises,  joy in daily discovery. 

Beyond Price: Childhood. A child’s 5th birthday. Celebrating “pure” life.

What do you enjoy as intensely as a child?