Bucket of beers – $35

Sliders with fries – $6

Watching Giant’s wide receiver Hakeem Nicks get by Packer’s safety and cornerback for the touchdown in the first quarter – EFFIN PRICELESS 

Image taken from http://www.nj.com

A second round of beers – another $35

Vodka and cranberry for the heavier drinkers – $8

shrimp skewers – $12

Watching Osi Umenyiora reaction after SACKING quarterback Aaron Rodgers and causing a FUMBLE in the second half



image taken from http://www.nj.com

Bill – $300

Watching Giant’s running back Ahmad Bradshaw run by Packer’s outside linebacker for 24-yards in the 4th quarter. Watching Eli Manning make a key pass to wide receiver Victor Cruz in the 4th quarter. Applauding Giant’s wide receiver Mario Manningham for catching a touchdown pass in front of Green Bay Packer’s cornerback Tramon Williams in the 4th quarter – BEYOND FREAKING PRICELESS

Beyond Price: Getting together with friends for AWESOME entertainment. Sharing excitement and high fives with other New York GIANTS’ fans. Cheering and yelling enthusiastically at the top of your lungs every time Eli Manning completed a pass. Wearing BLUE. Wearing RED. Wearing WHITE. Wearing your favorite team’s gear proudly. Laughing at the only two guys that were rooting for the Packer’s face reaction every time a touchdown was made. Tweeting about the Giants. Celebrating the Giants making it to the NFC Championship game. Sharing your love for the game with strangers. Sharing your love for the game with friends. Sharing your love for the game with family. Sharing laughter. Sharing happiness. WINNING. 


Money can’t buy the joy you get when your favorite sport’s team in the whole wide world makes it beyond expectations, beyond the regular season, beyond the first two playoff games. 

Money can’t buy the joy you get when you can prove people wrong. ELI MANNING IS an AMAZING QUARTERBACK! He has definitely proved everyone who has ever doubted his abilities as a performer, wrong. TAKE THAT!!!

MONEY CANNOT buy the memories you make with friends and strangers when you are sharing the same intense excitement and love for football. 


GO New York GIANTS! Next stop – San Francisco. 

image credit - http://www.nj.com