Teacher-hood is a day in January, a hot air ballon bursting, and children dying to play a prank on you, hoping that you’ll fall for it.

Teacher-hood is having a student that puts a hand in yours with absolute trust, having a student that relies on you to solve her social issues with boys when seated next to the one that won’t play with her.

Teacher-hood is listening to the hilariously weird things they say when they’re learning something new.

Teacher-hood is going along with fairy tales and make believe stories because you can’t stand to give up the magical part of life they seem to know and love…     no matter how ridiculously unreal it sounds.

Teacher-hood is working late even after you have clocked out, getting to the school a hour early to prepare, creating engaging lesson plans and activities that will benefit and interest the students, while knowing that your students, their parents, and your friends will not have a single clue how much we stress on their behalf.

Teacher-hood is listening to their small story out loud about them losing their teeth, and how many gifts they’ve received on their birthday.

Teacher-hood is not knowing what’s going to hit you next.

Teacher-hood is made up of a series of concrete, specific actions every day from the second you step into a classroom till the second you crumble on your living room couch. The actions can seem petty and small to some people like…like making sure each folder is labeled and color coordinated, refilling art supplies, or making sure you picked up every seat from the floor and placed it on the table for the custodian to clean up the classroom easily.

Teacher-hood is about accepting the limitations of time and energy, which stretch beyond you, even if sometimes it feels they could consume you.

Teacher-hood is accepting that things are always going to change, that in September you will have to get to know and love 20 plus something new students all over again.

Teacher-hood is smiling inside because everyday you see a student growing and hopefully… improving.

Teacher-hood is admiring children because they know how to inhabit brief periods of time with extreme passion.