I’ve recently started reading  the book ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out

Without Me? (And other Concerns)’ by Mindy Kaling on my Kindle Fire.

Other bloggers have been mentioning how outrageously hilarious it is,

and they are totally right. Besides it being funny and entertaining as

hell, the book holds a special level of cool and sort of inspiring in

its own special/cool way.

Here is this real human, with real life struggles, with real acting and writing skills, who worked her butt off to LIVE her real life dream. As she describes it, she went from Dartmouth to Dirtbag- to successful actor, comedy writer, and author.  In the chapter Matt and Ben & Mindy and Brenda, she writes about the decision that led her and her best friend to write their own thing and how that thing turned out, which was really a shocking success. If you can envision something from scratch, then purposely act on that vision from scratch, and it ends up being something strangers, the public in NYC, and other major critics love, I claim that to be a success.

(Back story) She moved from Dartmouth to NYC with two of her best friends, jobless, and practically broke, living at a railroad style apartment in Brooklyn. She went on auditions, applied for internships, went on countless interviews, and has gotten rejected left and right, until she just took the best offer to pay the rent which was at the time babysitting. After a significant amount of time not writing and being creative, which was what she came to NYC to do-she tried getting back in the game and went on more auditions and applied for more jobs in show business. Eventually she starts working for a TV PSYCHIC in hopes for it to be a stepping stone to something much bigger, like working for David Letterman or the sorts. That did not happen. Of course, she started getting worried-like most of us do-that she won’t amount for much, or live out her childhood dream, and worried all she will ever be was a professional au pair-because no one was hiring her to act or write.

That’s when she decided to take life by the balls and just wrote and wrote until her hands ached from writing so much. Okay, not so much in that way. Her and her best friend did decide to set up a schedule everyday for writing. At least an hour dedicated just to writing their own thing and coming up with ideas on their own to bring to life since no one else was doing the hiring. Point is, what they thought was nonsense writing, turned out to be something worth turning into an off-off broadway show that entered New York’s International Fringe Festival.

Their off broadway showcase

“If I can give one bit of advice to any drama major, high school theater kid, or inmate who is reading this in prison library with dreams of being cast int he prison play, it’s this: write your own part. It is the only way I’ve gotten anywhere. It is much harder work, but sometimes you have to take destiny into your own hands. It forces you to think abut what your strengths really are, and once you fin them you can showcase them, and no one can stop you.” Mindy Kaling

What was astounding was how her and her best friend went about creating their own showcase completely on their own. They knew they couldn’t afford to hire  actors, directors, producers, or PRs, so they did all the work themselves. They wrote the play, directed it, produced it, and advertised by papering the entire boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn with postcards about the show. The show sold out. The New Yorker wrote a great review on it. Producers got in touch with them. At one show, Nicole Kidman and Steve Martin coincidentally stopped by to check it out, and it turned out even more popular.

I loved this-> “Like in Titanic, When Kate Winslet’s character loved those weird paintings by a little-known artist named Picasso? And in the audience of the theater you were laughing to yourself because you know Picasso turned out to be kind of a big deal? I’m trying to tell you that I’m Picasso.” Mindy Kaling (I LOVE HER CONFIDENCE)


This brings me to this conclusion. This is life. Things often don’t work out. We get shallowly rejected all the time. By companies, by schools, by families, by men, by women. Don’t let setbacks and mishaps put you down so much that you don’t go after what you want most. Don’t let the company that didn’t hire you stop you from showcasing what you are good at. Don’t let the door shut you down. Reach out, continue knocking, open the window. Get out. I know being fruitlessly disappointed can be excruciatingly tiring. BUT you should understand, no matter how badly you feel, it is YOUR duty to go after what you want. If writing is what you love, WRITE. If dancing is what you feel you are here for, DANCE. If teaching is what you are good at, TEACH. That’s one of the best parts about life. Going after your dreams. Hope. Friends. Family. And making sure you get out of your damn apartment and do something.