When I think about something that is beyond price, the first thing that popped in my mind was dancing.

I have done numerous activities in my life from playing the piano, to acting in movies/commercials, and even hosting an on-air radio show.  Although each was a great experience, nothing compares to the feeling that I get when I dance.  It’s a feeling of euphoria that is almost unexplainable.

As a dancer, I choose to put my body through hours of rehearsals, soreness, and stress…. And for what?  Most of the time, I don’t get paid to perform, but I continue to do it because it’s what I love.  I would rather be performing on tour with only enough money to survive than to be rich without dance in my life.

Life is extremely unstable.  Friends come and go, jobs change, relationships flourish and then eventually fail; but dance is something that cannot be taken away from me. I can easily forget about any problems going on in my life by focusing on the precise movements of my body and synchronizing them to the music.

I recently attended a Snoop Dogg concert randomly in Pittsburgh.  The next day, my mother asked me about the songs he sang, and I realized that I couldn’t remember anything specific other than his dancers.  I watched them the entire show and was oblivious to anything else going on that night.  The dancers didn’t do anything extravagant; they were just having fun performing, and I felt as though I belonged up there with them.

Dance is something that completes me.  It’s like my heart… without it, I can’t survive.  It’s beyond price.

 Amanda @itstenda – Is a quadruple threat actress, dancer, broadcaster, aspiring model in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, living life on her terms. As a child, she has appeared on ‘The Jackson five’ movie, has been an extra and acted on innumerable gigs and commercials. She holds a degree in broadcasting communication, and has worked for Pittsburgh’s local hiphop radio network-WAMO, along with Pittsburgh’s ESPN. She’s a visionary with big intentions of making it to the big screen or the big stage. She is bold and unafraid to be dominating. One show gets cancelled, she moves on to the next adventure that will allow her inner light to shine brighter and stronger. She purpously does what she loves to do, and prominsingly lives by her mantra “I don’t make plans…I make it happen!”.