The SUPERBOWL is the highlight of the national football league season. Fact. We all know this. All those regular season games and postseason games all comes down to see who will be left standing at the end of it all.


Against all odds, against the Packer’s magnificent record, against the Niners’ rugged defense, and against the outrageously gifted Patriots, THE GIANTS WON. Against the “experts” predictions, against everyone’s doubt, against their somewhat embarrassing regular season record of 9-7, THE GIANTS WON.

Why did the GIANTS win? Simple. The Giants outplayed the Patriots.

THE GIANTS won the championship on the strength of the total team talents. FACT.

The GIANTS won by never losing possession of the ball even when struggling foot by foot to gain yards against the robustness of the Patriots defense.

The Giants won by maintaining a sense of responsibility to help their team win.

The Giants won by making less mistakes.

The Giants won by attempting to catch the opposition by surprise.

The Giants won by completing more plays.

The Giants won by seeking the best within themselves.

The Giants and the Patriots are the difference between excellence and megalomania. It is about more than powerful egos.

The Giants won by making a reality of the biggest and oldest cliche: teamwork.

I like winners. I love the GIANTS.