Reading this gave me insight to actually sit down and think about the things that are truly valuable to me. After some thought there are only a handful of things that deserve that title.  Of course the first thing that comes to mind would be family. Growing up with 5 brothers and sisters and living with those personalities in each of them shaped me into the person I am today, for that I am forever grateful.

I also have a shoe box that consist of a million memories of my life, from pictures, love letters in high school, to boarding passes from traveling all over the world. Memories are something I hold dear and if something very important happens to me it’s stored in that box. With this box I get to retell and sometimes relive these glorious memories, and suddenly I’m no longer having a laugh amusingly in a foreign land, I’m actually having a laugh! Right here, right now, as soon as I open this box full of memories. On another note, there’s also one more thing that’s beyond price that I’m looking forward to having and that’s a family of my own, and when that day comes-THAT would BE ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!

Derek @LA2PA – is an enthusiastic sale consultant for a very lucrative, well-known company, working to achieve the ‘Great Expectation’. He is a California native currently residing on the East Coast. He loves coaching his boys soccer team, traveling around the world, and making sure he tries everything imaginable at least once. He is a human who is honestly always excited about living life daringly and silly.  He believes humor is the icing on the cake of happiness