Here’s a short story you may or may not know: F. Scott Fitzgerald completed his first novel at age 21, age effin 21, and got rejected by publications-whatever, we all get rejected at least once. He then revised the same story again starting a pattern of constant revising that characterized his and the rest of the worlds writing style. He rewrote ‘The Romantic Egoist’ and resubmitted to publication, where he got rejected for the second time. He is a persistent man who believed in his work. Scribner’s publication finally accepted the novel after he rewrote it for the third time as ‘The Side of Paradise’. A’HA!

What you choose to do takes time to refine. It takes mistakes and misspells and misunderstandings and effort and a vision to perfect it. But mistakes are exciting. Mistakes are diversions and detours and unexpected frenzy and most of the time necessary even when we hate ourselves for them. Once they occur, you are closer to knowing what will work-because you know what doesn’t. 

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Do it. Fitzgerald did it. Three times. And then published three other novels and so many other recognizable short stories. After every mistake and every rejection, he did it.

What are you going to do?