Beyond Price: My Marriage

What strikes me as beyond price is my marriage and the love of my husband. To me this love represents my future, the fulfilment of my potential and my plans to have a big happy family. Knowing I have someone so loving and encouraging and who blindly believes in me, deepens my belief that I can do anything, I can be anything and that whatever I decide and no matter how often I change my mind or make mistakes, that it is just fine.

He makes me a better person in endless ways and this in turn makes me want to be a better person and a better wife. The best wife I can be. Through difficult times my love for him encourages me to look at what I can do differently to resolve things. He does the same, so our disagreements are rarely about pointing the finger, but rather an exploration of what went wrong and what we can learn about this situation to become better for ourselves and for each other. I like to think this is good practice for being great parents.

He is the most fun and exciting person that even lazing around the house is entertaining with him, never mind all our travels, immigrations and adventures. He’s my best friend and my number one fan. He’s been the greatest extension to this adventure called life. I literally couldn’t have imagined more fun and excitement since our worlds came rolling together.

Beyond Price: My Husband and I

My experiences as a wife have taught me the benefit of being vulnerable, sharing all of everything and trusting entirely. I hope that I continue to improve as a person and as a wife and I hope I bring to my husband’s life what he brings to mine. My marriage to my soul mate is beyond price.


Aisha – is inquisitive, attentive, a brilliant conversationalist, and a total goofball who charms everyone with her British accent. She was born and raised in London. She leads a fun, fulfilling, fascinating life with her husband in Florida, whom she met while attending West Virginia University. They have been married for three remarkable years, and despite minor setbacks they have had to endure, as all newlyweds do, they have managed to remain genuinely happy together. 

Life is always better when you have a purpose, whether in a job, relationship, or simply for a night out-and for each day the goal is clear: to always have a wonderful time.