on their first date 25 years ago

A love note for my husband,

Back when I was just 18 years old, I met this cool guy that was just so funny to me. Him being simply hilarious, charming, and outgoing, was what attracted me to him. We were just friends for a long time and then he became my boyfriend. And obviously, later on my husband! 24 years later, he’s all that to me. But even better, he’s my best friend, my best supporter, the father of my three kids, and my soul. Back then, I had no doubt he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Now, I look back and think about how much we have grown together.  My life started with him, he’s my all and everything someone can ask for. He gave me three wonderful kids, he gave me stability, peace, harmony, excitement, love, and finally, utter HAPPINESS. Because of him, if I die tomorrow I can truthfully say that I was the happiest woman alive. And for all that, I have no words to express how much I love him. My life with him is like having an angel next to me all the time. God didn’t give me a father, but ended up compensating with the best man alive. I love you my Angel, YESTERDAY, TODAY, and ALWAYS.


your wife

Beyond Price: Our love

Beyond Price: My husband

Ana – Mother of the girl who holds this little blog here. Mother of three all together. Matriarch. Wife. Supporter. Hard worker. Home owner. Dominican Republic native. Pennsylvania resident. My Mother, the best woman I know. She is kindhearted, honest, magnanimous, selfless, an interior decorator, and  true perfectionist. She worked extremely hard to provide for us but still managed to be there to celebrate every “A” we’ve ever received in school. She always managed to cook dinner and share moments about our day, to make every parent teacher conference, and has been there for every tear that has ever made us feel anything but worth it.