beyond price: love

Love letter to min älskling,
From the first time I met you I knew it was something special with you, but never in my wildest fantasy did I think I would ever be your wife. I had lost hope and stopped thinking movie love can happen in real life, but thanks to you I know it actually exist, cause I have it with you. I get to actually live my very own happily ever after with you. From the day we got married you changed my life forever in so many good ways. I will always be grateful to you. Everyday you make me laugh and smile, you make me believe in myself and never let me go one day thinking I can’t do this or that, you always tell me, “You can do anything you want baby!”,  and I just savor it all. You are my strength and I dont want to go one day without you in my life.

I love you forever mi morae
Din fifita


josefine – Lives in New York City with her husband by way of Sweden. She loves working with children, cooking, dancing, live bands, and celebrating good times. Her heart is full of optimism and unfettered bitterness. She is a hopeless romantic who believes her love is rare and wonderful and definitely something to pine for.