When I think of Beyond Price, I pulled out so many different memories from my brain archive.  I thought of songs, movies and events that took place in the course of this ride I call life. Then I thought about the people that were there from the beginning and the people that are here still. I’ve been blessed with awesome people, whether blood related family or little special packages (friends) I picked up along my journey. It’s not just a friendship, it’s a commitment to someone else that says “I got you no matter what because I know you got me.”  Betrayal is inevitable, true Loyalty is POWERFUL beyond measure, beyond price.

We’ve all had those temporary friendships that appear trustworthy but then collapse to nothing when you realize you both have TWO  different definitions of what a friendship is. I swear friends get sent to you to show you lessons in life, to show you what type of people you want around and what type of people you should keep at a distance.  Let’s face it, you can’t trust everyone!

Beyond Price: loyal friends

However, whoever has known you, loved you, respected you and has been there since day ONE, deserve the glory of this write up today. For they are the ones that helped mold my heart and conditioned my understanding of what it means to be a good woman. Through that unfailing loyalty and my dreams, I’ve been convinced that soul mates do exist. THEY are my soul mates, they are the ones who hold my utmost respect and love. I feel honored to know that I have my own team of warriors behind me 200% and even when faced with defeat, WE WIN, because loyalty is something that could NEVER be broken once it is dually established.

You see, I’ve watched my mother and father stay together through the worst of times and the best. I’ve been raised by two committed individuals that understand the definition of loyalty to one another and to their family. It’s much more powerful than love, it is a clear concise appreciation of another person that never gets tainted by exterior or interior factors. I weep for the children I work with everyday that do not feel that from early on. Trust me, they are so many children who need to be embraced by this thought: “whatever happens, I know someone is going to be there for me.” Often times I come across mothers who abandon their children for men, I constantly hear “the father is not involved”, and my personal favorite, “JUST TAKE THEM!”. So many children learn from complete strangers because they never had a strong foundation to begin with. I believe in being that stranger.

Make it a point to be appreciative of those in your own circle of loyalty because it unconsciously starts to guide those standing outside to do the same.  

 J’Ma rie  @ising88xoholds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Barry University located in Miami, Florida. She is a triumphantly young, vibrant, energetic professional presently situated in Berks County, Pennsylvania where she works as a Child Protective Specialist. The biggest love of her life is music and SINGing! She is a huge fan of life’s randomness, joyful moments, noisy parties, people roaring with laughter, endless jokes, and good music.