80s Baby raised in the 90s.

Taste of childhood: Alphabet letters. Nickelodeon. Disney everything. Aladdin. Lion King. Beauty and the Beast. Banjos. Power Rangers. Candy bracelets. Warheads. Cola bottles. Twister. Bubbalicious. Sega genesis. Sonic. Super Nintendo. Boardgames. Sorry. Guess Who?. Pacman. Birthday parties at Mcdonalds. Pinata. Goosebumps’ books. Dresses with puffy shoulder blades. Ghostbuster. Full House. Boy meets World. Save by the Bell. All That. Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Hat to the back. Summer icy. Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. Getting dragged to family house parties. Bicycles. Playing house. Video Cassettes. Water gun in the summer. Sprinklers. Barbies. N’Sync. Backstreet Boys. Kenan & Kel. Yankees. Introduction to hip hop. Climbing trees. Britney Spears. My Girl. Home Alone.  Matilda. Clueless. Yo-yo. Legos. Clarissa Explains it All. Beetlejuice. Hocus Pocus. Kids making fun of you if you watched Barney or wore payless shoes. Being terrified of Chucky. Bad hair days almost everyday. Getting grossed out by your parents’ romance. “Who loves orange soda? I love Orange soda”. Your parents being your biggest heroes.

Beyond Price: SIMPLICITY