Beyond Price: My Father (having a role-model)

When I was asked to write something that is beyond price in my life, I began thinking about so many different examples of which I could be appreciative for in my life. I’m not, by any means, a writer so I could easily think of a few things but had some trouble getting my thoughts written down so please bear with me. Since I consider myself a person of great fortune I couldn’t narrow this down to just one specific experience or memory, so I will give a short list. Immediately, one of the first things I thought about was my father. He taught me so much about myself, being a man, family, and about life. By no means was the man perfect but learning from his actions made me the person I am today.

I didn’t realize the effect he had on my life until he was no longer a part of it anymore from a separated household.  I realized then how much we take for granted, things in our life that just aren’t as common anymore in this day and age. Loyalty, commitment, love, fear of God, patience, joy, humility, honesty, responsibility, forgiveness etc. Every experience from then on was really just a product of how I viewed the world with these new lenses in life.

I wanted to be as great a man that I viewed my father, a great role-model to the community, God fearing man who tried to do right by most, a great father to my children and even try to surpass him in the only part he may be lacking in; being a husband. Having the strength and commitment to be a part of my fraternity, graduating from college, landing my first real job, my spiritual achievements, my wedding, my relationship with my wife, the extreme love I experience when my first child, born on January 27th 2012, looks me in my eyes, holds my finger and looks like he wants to smile; all of these events I can accredit my father somehow. I guess to answer the original question, what is beyond price in my life? It’s the past, present, and future of my bond to my role model: my father.

   Moises @mucaro206is an earnest, meticulous special rep in the medical industry located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He is well educated, buoyant, and eager about life and all of its unpredictable adventures. He is fully entrenched in filling his role as a loving husband, caring father, devoted brother, and responsible son. He believes in being responsible for where you are and what you are doing there, and in being part of a moment and paying attention to nothing else but that moment.