While it may be cliché` to some, my son is well beyond any price.  For some having a child is a milestone, for others it comes commonplace following marriage, and to others it is just another responsibility to put off to someone else.  To me he was the miracle that God knew I needed.  Finding myself pregnant at 19 I thought my life was over and all of my dreams of being successful were down the drain.  Before giving birth to my priceless jewel, I made it to class when I wanted and was happy to get a C+.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always been an honor student, but college was just way too fun to focus the way I should have.  However, at some point during my second trimester I realized that my child would be depending on me.  That I would be his example and I knew that for a young minority, male he would need very strong examples to look to.   I knew that I needed to get better grades and most importantly, to be a better me.

The day after David was born, while he slept in his bassinet next to me at the hospital I researched and wrote half of a 25 page paper.  From that day forward, I have never missed the Dean’s List!  Planning my schedule around my cousin and best friend (babysitters), I graduated from undergrad in 3 years, received my Masters with a 3.6 in one year from a two year program and have managed to get accepted to law school and be in the top of my class.  While those are documented accomplishments, David has taught me some things much deeper and much more important than to improve my academic success, but he has taught me to be more caring, more patient, and more understanding of others, but most importantly he has taught me how to love.  Prior to David I was a very selfish teenager that only concerned myself with me.  Through my baby blessing I have learned to love myself more and in turn love and value others.  I now know that material things mean nothing and that time is everything.

Although I pride myself on my academic achievements, I have also made it a point to be a very active parent.  I read to David every night, he knows sign language, is very well-behaved, and I volunteer at his school between classes.  My role as a parent and dependent for David and his role to me as my everything could not be replaced by anything or anyone.  “Mommy” is music to my ears, and while my reality of having a four year old, after not ever wanting children, still feels so surreal, there is nothing more real than the tears that fill my eyes every time I think about how blessed I am to have such a tiny person make such an enormous and positive change in my life.  I just pray that if I can be even half the blessing to him as he has been to me he will be the happiest boy in the universe.

Ironically, another priceless jewel he gives me everyday is bedtime!  His books go back on the shelf and mine come out of my bookbag! It is tough, but I will never ever complain.  Everything I do is for him and I could not imagine my happiness without him. 


   Jessica @meatballkisses – is a wildly intelligent go-getter, dedicated to her dreams, her family, and her priceless jewel (her son). She holds a B.A, M.A and currently working towards her law degree from Michigan State University. She is a full time student, full time mother, full time super human who also created The Meatball Kisses Foundation to combat the negative connotations associated with young pregnancy. She believes more than anything in leading by example, in working hard, and in going that extra mile to help others. She is a truly inspiring and riveting woman living a purposely driven life.