Why is this beyond price?

  • Because our day-to-day doings almost always goes unnoticed, and sometimes it is nice to give this ordinary, gibberish day a pat on the back. This ordinary day matters.
  • Because every day we are here, we are up, we are doing something. And getting up matters. 
  • Because every day we get up at the wee hours of the day, we go to work, we hate it, we love it, but we go. And working matters. 
  • Because every day we walk, we commute, we drive, we run, we bike our way from point A to point B. We travel. We go places. And that matters.
  • Because every day we do things for others. We teach, we serve, we fix things, we clean things, we cook, we construct, we calculate, we entertain, we organize, we train, we plan. And that matters. 
  • Because every day we try to make things better. For ourselves. For our children. For our loved ones. For our family. For our friends. And every day that matters. 
  • Because every day we communicate. We talk, we yell, we write, we draw, we tweet, we update statuses, we text, we email, we lie, we tell the truth, we foursquare, we tag ourselves and others, we instagram. And that matters. 
  • Because most days are pretty mundane, but every day we try to find at least some small way to spice it up. And that matters.
  • Because every day we feel things. We get angry, we get annoyed, we get depressed, we get jolly, we get excited, we get hurt, we get hungry, we get scared, we smile, we get happy. And feelings matter. 
  • Because every day we make human contact. We shake hands, we hug, we kiss, we goggle, we touch, we flirt, we fight, we pinch, we tickle. We have sex. or not. And that matters.
  • Because we get intimate. We search for love. We play the game. We play ourselves. We fall in love. We get heartbroken. We try again. And that matters. 
  • Because every day we love. We love our families. We love our friends. We love the random person at the bar who just got us happy drunk. We love the person that accepts us for exactly who we are. We love hard. And that matters. 
  • Because every day we pray. We desire. We hope. We wish for more. We seek. We find. We make goals. We make lists. We scratch things off. And that matters. 
  • Because every day we get to sleep. We get to recharge. We get to dream. We get to end the day and start again. We get a do over. We get to forgive. We get to remember. We get to make progress. We get to change things. We get to transform. And that really matters. 
  • Because every ordinary day counts. Every 365, 366 in a leap year matters. And you should pat yourself on the back for every ordinary day that you have overcome. 

“So I’m ’bout my paper, 24/7, 365 366 in a leap year” 

“I’m not afraid of dyin’, I’m afraid of not tryin’ Every day hit every wave like I’m Hawaiian”- Jay-Z