So, I have this friend who has practically been through hell and back trying to find a comfortable, safe, affordable living situation here in New York City. Those of you who live here, have been living here, or have recently moved here, know how disturbingly gruesome and grossly expensive it is to live in this excruciatingly wonderful city. I went through it myself when I first stepped into this city on my own after finishing undergrad at West Virginia, and God was that awful! AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! I can empathize.

I basically settled for the best I could find, which was a $600 apartment in Woodside, Queens. Was that the location I desired? Not necessarily, I always dreamt of living on the Upper West Side near Central Park where I could go for a run whenever I want amidst the beautiful scenery and  handsome men to stare at. I had no idea where I was and definitely didn’t know my way around Queens. But I managed. That was three years ago. Us, New Yorkers have to learn to adapt, accept, and keep it moving. And FAST!

My dear friend, on the other hand is not the type to settle. And perhaps that’s why she has been having a harder time finding a decent place, but I guarantee by the end of this bumpy road she will find what she is gravely searching for, because she doesn’t give up. Some of the stories she has been sharing with me during our usual outings have been down right horrific, HAUNTINGLY HORRIFIC. She has dealt with scam after scam, ugly after ugly, dirty after disgusting, she has even dealt with a guy holding her-then-supposed-to-be roommate hostage to try to get some money out of her. Crime scene right out of a movie, except this was real life. A REAL CRAPPY-experience… the good, the bad, the horrible happens right here!

I would have been crying my eyes out from the fear and the drama. I know plenty of people who have gone through similar experiences, maybe not as dramatic as the crime scene-but similar in the sense they couldn’t afford anything and have had nightmarish living situations with unwanted roommates. Those people have given up on New York and moved back to their hometown or parents home. I mean, I don’t blame you for doing so, it can be really tough out here. You have to prepare yourself, toughen up a bit. But then again, Frank Sinatra was not lying when he said, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” 


My friend? Well, she is fine. She is dealing with all the nauseousness of finding a safe, reasonably priced apartment. She is not complaining. She is using her resources. She is making sure she is taking the right steps to get what she wants. She is getting up every morning and living the best life she can live by her means. She is working. She is eating healthy. She is going out and having a good time whenever possible. She is not blaming the world for her mishaps. She is committed to her goals. And that is admirable. Every time I meet her for a drink or two, or invite her to go out dancing, she never turns it down and has a smile on her face. I’ve yet to see this woman breakdown in any way.

SHE IS RESILIENT. And today I’m congratulating her for it. I hope to encourage others to be the same. It doesn’t matter what others have or don’t have. Because everyone starts from a place of nothing. Everything is acquired through time..

RESILIENT – able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. In spite of all difficulties, you have the strength inside you to do whatever you want.