Beyond Price: The perfect wing woman

When it comes to being beyond price having great friends is a given. But today’s post is about a particular kind of friend and it is a rarity indeed.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, not every single one of our friends is the type of person we want to go out with on Saturday night-and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people are just homebodies, some people don’t enjoy drinking at a loud, crowded bar or club; some people are simply not the going out type.  But when you really want to go all out and get your freak on it’s nice to have a friend who knows how to have fun as well as act and dress the part and won’t embarrass you at the door: aka the Wing Woman. 😉

The Perfect Wing Woman has the confidence and energy to dance and stay out all night, like from 9pm to 4am and get breakfast afterwards all night. She doesn’t start drama or ever cause a scene (unless it’s on the dance floor), and she knows the night isn’t a competition to see who gets the most attention or the most phone numbers.  She won’t crowd you when you’re trying to talk to a hottie at the bar but she’ll also pull you away from the creepy old guy who’s trying to grind on you.

She invites you to cool parties and events and you try to invite her to cool things in return even though you don’t know as many cool people as she does.

When she hits you up to go out you already know you’re guaranteed to have a good time. She knows how to live in the moment and celebrates life just because. She’s spontaneous and always keeps you on your toes. Whether it’s going to  a parade on a Tuesday afternoon, hitting up a magazine release party on Wednesday night, or catching the midnight showing of the latest chick flick on a Thursday she’s down for the cause.

She’s assertive without being too bossy, kind without being a pushover, open yet mysterious and down to earth yet still has a crazy side.

She’s always out and about and you wonder how she manages to maintain any sort of balance in her life but somehow you know she does because she’s smart, savvy,  and beautiful. She inspires you to enjoy life for what it is, not what you wish it was or what it will be. To have that kind of person in your life is incredible and that’s truly Beyond Price.

 Amina  @aminazenais a twenty something entrepreneur living life eccentrically independent in the Big Apple. She is an outspoken, gutsy, knowledgable personal trainer  and a youtube partner. She is a wellness advocate and a fitness strategist with a degree in broadcast news from West Virginia University. She lives for fitness, nutrition, natural beauty and makeup products, music, clubbing, cameras and traveling. She is in love with all things organic and hot pink. You can also find her blogging over at