I’m really good at writing about people, not so much about things. Things don’t impress me.  What people do is what incites, not what you have or have gained. People inspire me in ways that transforms my soul. The madness in people’s hard work is …encouraging.  People who build a future out of anything, a scrap, a note, a rock. Their desire to go forward, one inch at a time. People who build airy-fairies out of ruins. People who form a life from broken things, from a broken family, from living in darkness, from nothing. People who help others.

People who see a guy fainted on the beach, dirty, and helpless,  and buy him water even if the guy faints on the beach with his hoody every single day, trashed. People who don’t overlook the fact that, yea he might be wasted and have no life to begin with, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a little help. People who realize that we all need help from each other at some point or another. People who take notice. People who care to ask if you are alright. 

People who react to unpredictable situations unafraid. Life is that way. We try to set routines and schedules to make it easier but from time to time you will get ran over with the unforeseeable, with the speed of the uncertainties. So I applaud and look up to those who embrace their fear, who embrace the things unknown and instead adapt to it. People who have experienced mistakes and readjust their road to move forward.

People who achieve the impossible. People who change one small thing, one trivial moment, one breath.

People like the Beatles.

People like Rebecca Adlington, the 19-year-old swimmer who won two gold medals at the Beijing Games, who has put in an estimated 8,840 hours of training since the age of 12. 

People like J.K Rowling who dedicated 17+ years of her life to writing and creating the magical world of Harry Potter.

People like Ryan Gosling who rescued a stranger from getting hit by a cab.

People like @nicoleisbetter and @jamievaron who succeeded at creating their own apple app called paper’d by breaking all of the personal branding rules

People like my dear friend Shom who is making all if not most of his dreams comes true by producing his own film and excessively writing tv scripts that are actually good. He has also written a post here and here.

People like the bartender I use to work with that worked for five years nonstop, planning and determined to open up his own wine bar someday, then actually making it happen. If in New York, go there NOW- It is called (YN on Mott Street)! 

People like my favorite NYC DJ @DJLEXPERIENCE  who is really the most passionate person I have ever met. I mean this guy just really loves what he does and is always always working to get better.

People like @Aminazena who isn’t afraid to voice her opinion at any time, and is working ferociously towards being self-employed and branding her own business. Who has also written a post here.

People like Bethany Hamilton, who make comebacks and continues doing what she loves, who refused to make her story become a tragedy after losing her arm.

And so so  so many more to name, but hope your hard work and passion for goodness is appreciated.

Random people. People I know. People I never met, but heard of. Famous People. Some not so famous.