Linking up this week for *It’s OKAY THURSDAYS* with this Gal!

It’s okay to be so into your current book that when you are reading the whole world around you does not exist.

It’s okay to obsess and mourn over the fictional characters you love on TV and in books.

It’s okay to be fully enthralled with Mad Men and not be able to go to sleep because you want to catch “one more episode” before bed.

It’s okay to start quoting everything from Mad Men after watching 8 episodes back to back.

It’s okay to stay in and watch depressing movies on netflix, while your friends go out to get sissy drunk.

It’s okay to have Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die album on repeat for the third week in a row.

It’s okay to listen to Marilyn Manson pumped up while rocking your work outs.

It’s okay to think most hip hop songs suck and have no substance unless the rapper is Jay-z or Kanye.

It’s also okay to hate Lil Wayne, except when he said this line- “real G’s move in silence like lasagna.”

It’s okay to count down the days you get to see Foster the People perform in concert at Central Park.

It’s okay to think that this song lyric by Ellie Goulding means everything, “I hope you don’t mind, that I put down in words how wonderful life is now that you’re in the world.” 

It’s okay to really look forward to skype dates with a particular Londoner more than going out for a drink or a movie.

It’s okay to find English accents surprisingly infatuating.

It’s okay to still stare at all the pictures from your last vacation.

It’s okay to dream about visiting Australia more than the car you are planning on buying.

It’s okay to take pictures of New York City like you’re a tourist. It is after all, one of the most breathtaking pieces of Earth. 

It’s okay to drink a glass of wine a day.

It’s okay to do more of what makes you happy. 

It’s okay to fantasize about all of the things that could go right instead of all the things that could go wrong.

It’s definitely okay to believe that if he is willing to do anything to place a smile on your face, he is worth keeping.

It’s okay to believe that if you are positive you will attract positive. 

It’s okay to consider laughing a calorie burner.  

It’s okay to believe that happy people are the prettiest people.

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