“An optimist is the human personification of spring.” –Susan J. Bissonette


What a sigh of relief starting over can bring! I liken it to the feeling of waking up on the first day of spring after a long, dreary winter. Suddenly things feel fresh, light and hopeful. Like springtime, new beginnings can be therapeutic.

I went through a few years in autopilot. Working the corporate job, sitting through traffic every day, rushing from Starbucks to work to the gym to home, just to get up and do it all over again. I had a hard time stopping to smell the roses until I had built up enough anxiety and stress that called for a self-appointed hiatus.

That’s when the beauty of starting over kicked in. I’ll never forget the precious year and a half I spent recharging and getting to know myself. I discovered how happy a sunny sidewalk café could make me, especially more so if they also served pistachio macaroons. Blogging and joining an online community of fellow bloggers made my big world feel a little more connected. Regaining independence and feeling so satisfied in a simple lunch or movie date for one. No shame, just content to be with me. 

Maybe that’s why this particular spring feels so springy. So fresh, so full of optimism and so ready for whatever is blossoming into my life. I’ve recently just moved to a new state, started a new job and don’t feel anything but excitement for the opportunity to start anew. The freedom to choose my career path and where I want to live feels like such a luxury, after so many years of living like a zombie. Turns out I had the choice to make these changes all along, I just had to wake up to make it happen.

The chance to start over gives you a new set of much more appreciative eyes. The little things that used to be overlooked are now the things that keep a smile on my face for the rest of the day. The welcoming smile of a stranger when you’re clearly new to a place full of regulars. A hidden neighborhood bakery with lemon bars so good you feel compelled to break out into song. A blooming pot of spring flowers basking in a patch of glorious sun.

For me, new beginnings and springtime are beyond price. 

Janah is an eternal optimist who loves blogging, smiling and setting up Christmas decorations the week before Thanksgiving (roll your eyes, go ahead). She shares her optimistic views on her blog http://quarterlifecomeback.tumblr.com/. You can also follow her on Twitter: @janlo3 .