Beyond Price: 

*Watching your favorite band perform live.

*Actually being there, at Rumsey Playfield Summerstage concert for the first Foster The People’s U.S tour opening.

*Feeling at an absolute physical and emotional high from the live beats and Mark Foster’s voice…without actually injecting anything. (living drug-free)

*Being surrounded by rows and rows of lines swarming with sweltering, smelly people young and old who have at least one thing in common- being fans of Foster The People.

*Thinking that the heat might of made Rumsey Playfield smell like a giant armpit, but it was undoubtedly thrilling to watch and experience all of the exhilaration of Foster the People’s music.

Beyond Price:

*Trying to memorize the moment when you are mixed with a massive blur of faces, all singing along to the sweetness of these lyrics:

“And every day that you want to waste, that you want to waste, you can

And every day that you want to wake up, and you want to wake, you can

And every day that you want to change, that you want to change, yeah

I’ll help you see it through ’cause I just really want to be with you” Waste by Foster the People

*Closing your eyes and suspending in time over music that you love.

Cubbie Fink (Foster the People)

Beyond Price: 

*Genuinely feeling in the present moment where you can’t get lost with plans of the future or thoughts of the past.

*Trying to come up with the words to express the perfect picture reality that was “Houdini” during the rain and thunderstorms and the marching band and all of the people going absolutely nuts with open happiness over the greatness of this song and this band.

*Having “Houdini” become the drumming in my chest.

Beyond Price:

*Having the lights blazing from the stage, glittering, lit up in a river of colors over every song.

*Having the whole crowd in sync, insatiable, becoming no one and anyone, becoming one.

*Having Foster the People’s unique beats on stage make you feel really alive, pumped up to do anything, everything, reach the impossible.

*Having the all-encompassing feeling over  “Broken Jaw” when the beat drops and kicks back again with the lyrics,

“Sometimes you find yourself waiting, Waiting for someone to come around/ And it’s hopeless, hoping to be found/ Then it arrives and says, “You’re perfect, my love” And I, I know why” Broken Jaw. 

Beyond Price: 

*The intangible energy of the band.

*The crowd clapping together.

*The raw urban beauty of music.

*Freezing all of these moments in your mind forever-May 29th, watching Foster The People perform

Thinking- this night, the whole world was on our side. 

Album cover


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of listening to their music.