Have you ever realized how many things we all have in our lives that are often completely priceless to us?  This blog was created to keep a record of everything in life that I find beyond price. Being the self-absorbed that I hate to guiltily admit, it is mostly concerning my small but valuable, hectic life but also some other fantastic people. You should follow and join us. I believe it will become a record worth having also my own little personal therapy.  

Now you tell me… What is in your life that is beyond price?

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ABOUT ME: I am a FAN of people being EXACTLY who they are. I believe in marriage. I believe in love. I believe in taking risks. I take pleasure seriously. I prefer to be naked. I’ve tried to be perfect as much as every other girl in the world. It has never worked for me. My flaws are unguarded. I believe in manners. I believe in being a good tipper. I hate shopping. I cry easily. I watch way too many movies. I DON’T believe in FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. I get a manicure every week to keep myself from biting my nails. I have amazing friends. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve them. They are too nice, too fun, too helpful, and they love how neurotic I am which is weird.

I like to roam around New York City in the rain. I know every song at the bar. I only have rhythm when I’ve had too many liquid encouragements. I would drink a stout for breakfast. I really want to visit IRELAND. My parents are the best people I know.  I spend a lot of time singing and dancing to LADY GAGA. Don’t fire me yet. I am always thriving for the american dream. I take pride in what I do. I feel like a better person every time I step in a classroom. I love to see children have fun. I love to hear people laughing. I am not afraid to express my opinion. I am attempting to LIVE  as BOLDLY as I can while trying to ROCK THIS LIFE OUT.